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The LES Partnership Air Quality Action Plan 2013-14

May 2013

The new programme has been termed the LES Partnership’s Air Quality Action Plan 2013-14. Its aim is to both deliver and evidence significant identifiable emission reductions from local transport. It will do so by working with and supporting local authorities to develop and implement local air quality action plans and low emission measures, including:

  1. Cost effective scoping of options for integrated air quality action
  2. Local planning agreements, which support low or zero emission development
  3. Fleet management plans, licensing controls and procurement criteria, which accelerate uptake of low emission technologies and measures
  4. Giving access to and supported use of practical methods and tools

The Partnership’s ‘Air Quality Action Plan’ includes specific emission reduction targets, to help to monitor progress. Emission reductions will be estimated using methods developed through prior work by the Partnership including ‘The National LES Assessment’ and ‘The Low Emission Toolkit’. In adopting this approach, the Partnership seeks both to focus its work efforts and also to explore practical use of emission metrics for action plan monitoring.

Key themes running through the work programme include strengthening quantification, standardising approaches, tracking progress and documenting / sharing best practice. Specific work streams include:

  • Pilots & Tools: Support action planning in three pilot areas using ‘Low Emission Scenario Assessment’ as pioneered in Greater Manchester, and establish a user-friendly check list/template to enable replication.
  • Good Practice & Innovation: Document examples of effective practice in design, development, management and delivery of local air quality action plans
  • Demonstrate the benefits of low emission strategies: (i) Strengthen the LES methodology for estimating the benefits of bulk emission reductions in terms of air quality exceedences, health and other benefits. (ii) Develop an approach to capture the quantified impacts of emission reductions.
  • Implementation of Measures: Support low emission planning and fleet measures by providing: a shared technical resource to support the use of LE tools and resources; and free national access to basic technical support via LES website / email
  • Low Emission Toolkit: complete priority enhancements and extensions to the Low Emission Toolkit, Guidance and Approach.
  • Low Emission Hub: development of an online case study database

Work started on the new programme in April and more detailed information will be added to the Parnership website through May and June. The Partnership’s June AGM is also a good opportunity to find out more both about the programme and opportunities for getting involved.

The Partnership has funding and capacity to work directly with local authorities involved in air quality action planning. If you are interested in working with us, please make contact via the LESP website or send us an email.

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