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LES Partnership Programme Review Workshop - Birmingham

16th October 2012


The workshop provided an opportunity for members of the Partnership to meet up and review progress on current national projects. There were opportunities for participants to share progress and learning on wider local, regional and national initiatives and to inform the Partnership’s future work and direction, including plans following the recent award of further Air Quality Grant funding.

Further Information

Participants Organisation
Gary Mahoney Sefton Council
Ged Steadman Salford City Council
John Grant Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council
John Paterson Royal Borough of Greenwich
Jon Tubby Leeds City Council
Liz Bates York City Council
Paul Cartmell Lancaster City Council
Roger Pitman Oxford City Council
Robert Vaughan Defra
Bruce Bamber RPS
Guy Hitchcock Sustainable Transport Solutions
Melanie Hobson Aether
Tom Parker Transport & Travel Research
Rob Pilling Green Sphere (LES Partnership Programme Manager)
Jess Mullins Green Sphere

Workshop Agenda and Links to Supporting Information Download Presentations
1. Welcome, Introduction and Overview
Speaker: Rob Pilling
The LES Partnership comes to the end of its second phase of work and looks forward to its third.
2. Review and Updating of the LES National Benefits Assessment
Speaker: Rob Pilling
Potential health and environmental benefits are estimated at over £1 Billion per year (social costs)
3. Emission Reduction Scenarios to support Action Plan Design and Implementation
Speaker: Paul Cartmell
Progress on a study exploring integration of LES, AQAP and climate change transport action in Greater Manchester
4. Technical Review of the Low Emission Toolkit
Speaker: Melanie Hobson
Expert review finds the Low Emission Toolkit to be ‘a streamlined and efficient approach to estimating emission reductions associated with fleets and planning developments’. It also highlights opportunities for development and for improving overall usability. - Download the Low Emission Toolkit Method Summary Report
5. LET Case Study: Low Emission Assessment for development sites and council fleets
Speakers: Bruce Bamber - sites, Tom Parker - fleets
Low Emission Assessments of a sports venue and Sefton Council’s heavy duty fleet
6. Standardisation of Measures and Assurance of benefits for Low Emission Developments
Speaker:Guy Hitchcock
Latest Proposals for A National Low Emission Assessment and Certification scheme for new Developments.
Download the Feasibility and Scoping Report
7. Process Guide for Procurement in Sefton (GM)
Progress on implementing low emission procurement in Sefton, plus launch of an interactive process guide, which other local authorities may wish to adapt and adopt.
Copies of the Sefton Process Guide available on request (Email: [email protected])
8. The Low Emission Hub: online case study database with emphasis on quantification of emission reductions
Speaker: Rob Pilling
Final specification of the Low Emission Hub. Procurement of works is planned for winter 2012, with build and piloting scheduled for the first half of 2013.
9. Local and Regional News and Updates
Low emission updates from York, Leeds, West Yorkshire, West Midlands, Sussex and Oxford
10. Reflections and Forward look
Next steps for Partnership members, The LES national work programme and LAQM generally

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