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New Guidance: Low Emission Vehicle Procurement

October 2011

Low Emission Vehicle Procurement GuideThe Low Emission Strategies Partnership has produced new guidance to assist public sector organisations in meeting their environmental obligations with respect to Air Quality and Climate Change. It provides practical advice and examples of best practice in the use of procurement to reduce road transport emissions.

For professionals and politicians without a background in procurement, it gives an overview of the sector and highlights the opportunities to reduce transport emissions. For procurement officers, it outlines data, tools and techniques to select suitable technologies and devise low emission procurement strategies, appropriate to their organisations.

The Guidance is published as a Consultation Draft, and the LES Partnership is welcoming comments and feedback. Download the guidance and view the consultation questions from the Procurement web page.

The Partnership is also working with Sefton Council on a new project to develop a decision making tool for low emission procurement. This will be available for other organisations to use in their procurement processes. As Sefton develops its own procurement strategy, the project will also provide a useful case study, highlighting learning points for others to consider when implementing the Procurement Guidance.

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