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Testing the Low Emission Toolkit

June 2011

Low Emissions ToolkitThe Partnership has developed a ‘Low Emission Toolkit’ which has a range of functionality designed to support the design, implementation and monitoring of interventions for reducing transport emissions. The toolkit is now being tested by local authorities and will be further developed through 2011.

If you are a local authority practitioner, and would like to participate in user testing, please complete a user registration form and return it to us at [email protected] We can then provide you with a link to download a copy of the tool and associated user guide.

We are currently reviewing how best to engage with interested parties from non-council organisations. This will take a little more time, so in the meantime we are building up a list of interested people. Please Email us if you would like to be added to this list.

We are also arranging a tools workshop in Central London on the 13th of July.
The day will be split up into two parts:

  • Morning (10.30am - 1.00pm): Emission Reduction & Impact Assessment:
    Presentations and discussion of Methods, Applications and Case Studies based on the Partnerships Low Emission Toolkit and other emission based tools and assessment. [Open to everyone, max capacity is 50 people]
  • Afternoon (1.30pm - 4.30pm): LET User Group Meeting:
    Hands on workshop, using the Low Emission Toolkit. Two parallel sessions: (i) intro user: intro to basic functions and working through examples, (ii) Intermediate/Advanced User: sharing experiences/case studies, raising specific questions, and contributing to the tool’s ongoing development. [Max capacity is 30 people. This session is for registered users of the LET only. If you are a local authority officer, and would like to register, please complete and return the user agreement.]

The workshop will be free to attend, but places are limited. Email us at [email protected]
for more information, or to reserve a place.

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