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Local Action on Transport Emissions can save over £1 Billion

June 2011

Case for Action ReportIn April, the LES Partnership and Local Government Regulation published a joint report on action taken by local authorities to address transport emissions.

The report estimated that local action on transport emissions has the potential to provide health and environmental benefits worth over £1 billion per year by 2015. Benefits of this scale would require concerted action by many councils across the country, leading to a reduction of up to 20% of total national transport emissions.

The study emphasises the importance of councils adopting a flexible yet structured approach, which can be tailored according to local circumstances, needs and priorities. The report identifies a range of local initiatives from across the country and outlines three ‘categories’ of action and their potential benefits:

  • Low emission fleet management of council vehicles;
  • Low emission planning and development control; and
  • Area-wide emissions management.

An integrated, area-wide approach is projected to achieve the greatest benefits, though is also the most challenging to implement. Fleet management and development control provide good opportunities for targeted wins and innovation. They also provide opportunities for institutional learning and capacity building, which can then be applied to the wide area.

Click the links below to view the report and supporting appendices.

Final Report
Appendix 1: Low Emission Practice Examples
Appendix 2: Scenario Analysis for LES Partnership and LG Regulation National Case Projections

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