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Low Emission Toolkit Update

September 2010

Low Emission ToolkitAt the recent Care for Air Conference in Sheffield, Gary Mahoney from Sefton MBC gave a presentation on the progress that the partnership has been making with development of the Low Emission Toolkit. At the conference, the Partnership was held up as an example of how local authorities can work together to pool resources and expertise to develop useful tools and disseminate best practice.

We are working with TTR, CERC and RPS Planning to develop the toolkit. It will include:

  • a guide to low emission vehicle technologies;
  • a tool for Fleet Managers to assess the costs and benefits of low emission vehicles; and
  • a planning tool to assess the total transport emissions (air quality and carbon) resulting from a new development, and then to calculate emission reductions and costs of various low emission strategies.

In September, the consultants produced a ‘prototype’ version of the tool, which we are currently testing. The Partnership received additional funding through the Defra AQ Grant to develop the tool further, ready for a wide-scale release in 2011. Contact us at [email protected], if you are interested in being involved with user testing.

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