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Low Emission Stratagies Set the Way for Tesco's ‘Eco Store’

October 2009

Mid Devon District Council has been using Low Emission Strategies (LES), in partnership with supermarket giant Tesco, to produce a new ‘Eco Store’ and help improve local air quality.

The new store due to open at the end of January 2010 is based in Wellparks, Exeter Road, Crediton – in an area with poor air quality due to the high levels of harmful emissions from road traffic. Crediton was declared an Air Quality Management Area in June 2006 due to high levels of Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) and Particulate Matter (PM10). 

It is expected that the development will generate traffic and congestion leading to air pollution and increased emissions of Carbon Dioxide, a major contributor towards climate change.

Mid Devon District Council, a member of the LES Partnership, gave consent to the development on the condition that Tesco contributed £1.2-2m to refurbish the local railway station, upgrade the town bus service and help direct traffic away from populated areas nearby to help tackle these problems. The improved bus service will increase in frequency and serve the railway station, hopefully reducing car-use by visitors to the store.

Tesco’s Eco Store will be working to further reduce its carbon footprint by using efficiency lighting, energy efficient small electrical items, electricity load management and improved switching, and increased coverage triple layer glazing.

Simon Newcombe, Environmental Protection Officer at Mid Devon District Council, comments: “By using LES guidelines, we created our own Supplementary Planning Document (SPD). This calculates developer contributions to 50 per cent of the cost of measures within our Air Quality Action Plan. As the main impact on air quality is vehicle emissions, we require developers to contribute on the basis of the estimated number of trips generated by the specific development.

“Our SPD has been adopted as a strategic document and all future developments in the area will now incorporate low emission strategies, sustainable energy and carbon footprinting.

“Work on the new Tesco store has begun and the construction phase air quality impact is being well managed. We are happy to have Tesco as an ambassador for our plan and hope they will lead the way in developing further Eco Stores in the future. With thoroughly thought out plans and ideas, future developments should be more efficient and have a lower the impact on the environment”.

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