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Tenders invited to Develop their own ‘Low Emission Toolkit’

October 2009

The LES Partnership are inviting tenders to develop a ‘Low Emission Toolkit’ to assist local authorities in identifying the range of low emission strategies available and in assessing the costs and benefits of pursuing them. The Toolkit will include three applications:

  1. Technology Guidance: to compare the emissions, performance, costs and logistics of low emission vehicle technologies (available in the 2010-2015 market) at an individual vehicle level;
  2. Fleet Management Tool: to appraise the costs and benefits of low emission options for local authority fleets and activities; and
  3. Development Tool: to appraise the costs and benefits of low emission strategies when assessing development applications, including site-based measures (e.g. a resident’s electric car club) as well as financial contributions to wider schemes (e.g. financial contributions towards a low emission bus fleet).

John Paterson, London Borough of Greenwich and acting Chair of the LES Partnership Board, sees a big role for the Toolkit in demonstrating the potential benefits of implementing Low Emission Strategies.

He comments, “With robust, quantitative data on costs and benefits, the toolkit will put local authorities in a much better position to develop and implement low emission strategies.”

The Invitation to Tender for this contract was published on Monday 26th October 2009. The contract will be led by the London Borough of Greenwich on behalf of the LES Partnership. Tenders for the work are expected to be in the region of £65,000 to £90,000 excluding VAT. The closing date for tenders is Friday 20th November 2009.

Parties interested in receiving the invitation to tender should contact John Paterson at: [email protected]

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