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LES Procurement Guidance

LES Procurement GuidanceLOW EMISSION VEHICLE PROCUREMENT: Using Public Procurement to Reduce Road Transport Emissions

The Low Emission Strategies Partnership has produced this Guidance to assist public sector organisations in meeting their environmental obligations with respect to Air Quality and Climate Change. It provides practical advice and examples of best practice in the use of procurement to reduce road transport emissions.

For professionals and politicians without a background in procurement, it gives an overview of the sector and highlights the opportunities to reduce transport emissions. For procurement officers, it outlines data, tools and techniques to select suitable technologies and devise low emission procurement strategies, appropriate to their organisations.

Acknowledging that the first principle of sustainable vehicle procurement is whether it needs to be purchased or leased in the first place, the Guidance assumes that this requirement has been considered and provides information relevant once the decision to procure has been taken.

While reference is made to certain low emission vehicle technologies, the Guidance aims to be as technologically neutral as possible, pointing public sector organisations to data, tools and techniques that will allow them to identify suitable technologies and procurement strategies that are appropriate to the circumstances of the purchasing organisation.

The procurement principles and techniques outlined in this guidance are tailored to English organisations. However, they are also transferable to other bodies under the jurisdiction of devolved administrations.


The Document: The Guidance is published as a draft for consultation. We would be very grateful for any feedback that you would like to provide. The following questions provide prompts on specific areas, although we would be pleased to receive more general feedback as well.

  1. Which parts of the guidance do you find most useful?
  2. Can you suggest areas for further development?
  3. Is there specific additional information / data that you would find helpful to include?
  4. Can you suggest any further case studies?

Implementation: The LES Partnership is keen review the practical use and implementation of the Guidance. To assist us in doing this, it would be very useful if you could answer the following questions:

  1. What is your job role? How would you like to use this document?
  2. Who do you think the Guidance is most useful for?

Please forward your responses to [email protected].

Download the LES Procurement Guidance ›

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