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The LES Newsletter - 9th May 2013


Welcome to the 16th edition of the Low Emission Strategy (LES) newsletter!

This month’s newsletter marks the launch of the LES Partnership Air Quality Action Plan 2013-14. The plan represents a third major programme of work undertaken by the Partnership since its inception in 2008. It continues work to support local authorities develop and implement local air quality action plans and low emission measures. It also adds emphasis to progress and performance monitoring by introducing quantitative assessment of benefits and impacts achieved.

Fundamental to the plan is continued development and consolidation of a national approach to LES and a comprehensive suite of supporting guidance, tools and resources. The first major output of the new programme will be launch of the Low Emission Hub, an online resource, which will provide access to structured case studies alongside sign-posting to related tools and resources.

As always, thanks to everyone who has subscribed to the newsletter. We hope it gives environmental practitioners and those working in related fields such as planning and transport services an understanding of how LES can inform practice and policy where you are. If you would like to hear more about any aspects of our work, please make contact via the website or email us at [email protected]

Rob Pilling - (LES Programme Manager)

Latest News

The LES Partnership Air Quality Action Plan 2013-14

Low Emission StrategiesThe new programme has been termed the LES Partnership’s Air Quality Action Plan 2013-14. Its aim is to both deliver and evidence significant identifiable emission reductions from local transport. It will do so by working with and supporting local authorities to develop and implement local air quality action plans and low emission measures, including:

  1. Cost effective scoping of options for integrated air quality action
  2. Local planning agreements, which support low or zero emission development
  3. Fleet management plans, licensing controls and procurement criteria, which accelerate uptake of low emission technologies and measures
  4. Giving access to and supported use of practical methods and tools

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Development of Low Emission Hub begins

Low Emission HubA major focus for the new work programme is the development and launch of the Low Emission Hub. This is an online resource providing access to case studies alongside sign-posting to related tools and resources.

The Hub will focus on local policies, plans and measures that reduce transport emissions of air pollutants and greenhouse gases. Users will be able to:

  • View, search and browse different policies and measures
  • Search by intervention type by geography or simply browse the library
  • View qualitative and quantitative impact and benefit assessments
  • Upload their own case studies and comment on others
  • Generate template reports for printing or export; and
  • Access links to other gudiance, tools and related reports.

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New version of the Low Emission Toolkit planed for early summer

Low Emissions ToolkitA new version of the Low Emission Toolkit (v1.2) is planned for release in the Summer. This will include new data which has become available since the previous version was issued in August 2012.

The Low Emission Toolkit and associated methods can be used to estimate emission reductions from fleets and planning developments. The current version of the tool (v1.1) can be downloaded direct from the Partnership’s website.

AGM and Free afternoon event: Exploring partnership and innovation in air quality action planning

Low Emission StrategiesThe LES Partnership is hosting a free afternoon event in Birmingham on the 13th June. It will include a brief overview of the Partnership and the benefits of being involved, followed by a practitioner workshop, exploring ‘partnership and innovation in air quality action planning.’

Participation is open to all local authority officers with an interest in low emission strategies and air quality action plans, though numbers are limited. Further details and full agenda will be circulated shortly. The event is free to attend and CPD certificates will be available.

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LES in Action

Update: City of York Council

Low Emissions ToolkitFollowing the adoption of the Low Emission Strategy in October 2012, York is now focusing on the roll-out of the LES measures and developing a revised Air Quality Action Plan.

The Eco-stars scheme was formally launched in York on 5th March, with 12 members already signed up and more in the pipeline.

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Other News
  • Free Conference: National Biomethane / Gas Vehicle & Infrastructure, 5th June 2013, City Hall, London
    Diesel LGV & HGVs contribute a significant amount to the UK’s poor air quality and CO2 emissions. The aim of this conference is to encourage the uptake of gas vehicles for freight, transportation and waste services. Read More ›
  • Free Event: Exploring Partnership and Innovation in Air Quality Action Planning, 13th June, Birmingham
    The LES Partnership’s AGM on 13th June will combine formal Partnership business with a practitioner workshop on exploring partnership and innovation in air quality action planning. The afternoon session is open to local authority practitioners. See the full story for more details.
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