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Low Emission Strategies - Building on Good Practice

The LES Newsletter - 6th December 2012


Welcome to the 15th edition of the Low Emission Strategy (LES) newsletter!

As the Partnership approaches the end of its second phase of work it is a good opportunity to take stock of progress and to consider plans for the future. Indeed, this was exactly the task for those attending the recent Programme Review Workshop. I came away from this event conscious of the huge efforts all round since the Partnership's inception in 2008 – and a sense that these efforts are really bearing fruit. There is a growing strength to the Partnership's national work and resources, while the profile and impact achieved locally and regionally by Partner authorities is also increasing.

This quarter's newsletter includes updates on the National Benefits Assessment, news of York's formal adoption of its overarching Low Emission Strategy and launch of the simple yet effective Sefton Process Guide for Low Emission Procurement.

There are exciting things in the pipeline too. Not least new funding to support a third phase of national LES work, and formal proposals for a low emission assessment and certification scheme for development sites.

As always, we would like to thank everyone who has subscribed to the newsletter. We hope it gives environmental practitioners and those working in related fields such as planning and transport services an understanding of how LES can inform practice and policy where you are.

Rob Pilling - (LES Programme Manager)

Latest News

Annual Review of Programme and Plans

Low Emissions ToolkitA workshop was held on 16th October to review progress on the LES Partnership's current work programme and to look ahead to the next phase. It was attended by representatives of the LES Partnership Board and other leading LES Authorities plus technical consultants, who have been supporting the latest round of national projects. Review Workshop details

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Health and environmental benefits are estimated at over £1 Billion per year by 2017

Low Emissions ToolkitThe LES Partnership jointly published 'Building The Case For Action' with The Local Government Group in 2011. The report has recently been reviewed by a joint team from Aether and AQC, who concluded that the it 'provides a clear and concise case for the implementation of low emission strategies aimed at the transport sector'. They made a number of recommendations for improving the assessment, though these do not affect the overall conclusions. The original 2011 study report is available to download here (and the review teams own report will be made available in the New Year). The Partnership intends to update the National Assessment in 2013.

Technical Review of the Low Emission Toolkit

Low Emissions ToolkitA joint team from Aether and AQC have carried out a detailed review of the Partnership's Low Emission Toolkit (LET) with specific emphasis on the underlying data tables and the overall method it applies. They focussed on transparency, consistency, comparability, completeness and accuracy. The review usefully identifies opportunities for development especially with regards to improving overall usability. In summary, the review team acknowledge the 'well referenced data sets, derived from a comprehensive literature review' and concluded that the toolkit itself is 'a streamlined and efficient approach to estimating emission reductions associated with fleets and planning developments'

Download the Low Emission Toolkit Method Summary Report ›

Emissions Assessment and Certification
for Development Sites

Low Emissions ToolkitA joint team from CAG and STS has recently completed a scoping study, on behalf of the Partnership, to review progress and chart a realistic path for development of a 'National Low Emission Assessment and Certification scheme for Development Sites'. The study builds on previous work by the Partnership and wider local authorities exploring assessment methods for classifying site based Low Emission Strategies. A key concept is that the scheme aims to assess and rate the transport emissions performance of a development and provide a standardised rating or 'badge'. This makes the approach very practical and action focussed.

The Partnership is now considering the findings and plans to take forward the recommendations through its work in 2013.

Download the LES Assessment Method - Scoping Report ›

York Adopts overarching Low Emission Strategy

Low Emissions ToolkitYork's city-wide Low Emission Strategy was formally adopted on 9th October. It proposes a range of measures for reducing emissions of air quality and green house pollutants, focusing primarily on technology based solutions.

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The Sefton Process Guide for Low Emission Procurement

Low Emissions ToolkitSefton and the LES Partnership have jointly developed a process guide for all Sefton Council procurement. The guide targets the need to influence the procurement activity at all stages, particularly at the outset. It complements existing technical guidance and tools, such as the Partnership's Low Emission Toolkit.

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Other News

  • Low Emissions ToolkitLET being used to undertake two Low Emission Assessments of planning measures for a sports venue and vehicle replacement strategies for Sefton Council's heavy duty fleet.
  • Final work and reporting in progress for the Greater Manchester Study exploring integration of LES, AQAP and climate change transport action in Greater Manchester.
    Download the Report ›
  • Imminent release of West Midlands Regional Low Emission Strategy and Guidance. Read more ›
  • Launch of procurement for commissioning development of the Low Emission Hub. Read more ›
  • LES Round Ups from Leeds and Sussex.
  • Grant support for Low Carbon Vans
    Office of Low Emission Vehicles is keen to remind Local Authorities that grant support is available towards the purchase or lease of hybrid vans via the “Low Carbon Van Public Procurement Programme”.
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  • Low Emissions ToolkitENEVATE - Accelerating

    The ENEVATE Electric vehicle charging infrastructure toolkit provides practical process and management information to guide project managers through the full project life cycle of EV infrastructure development. It includes documented processes, risks, roles and responsibility charts, typical project plans and time lines; which are also illustrated by cases studies.

    Future Transport Systems has recently released its second draft of ENEVATE, which includes a supplement reviewing technology and current thoughts linking EV recharging infrastructure with renewable energy sources.

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  • ITS ReportImplementing plug-in electric vehicle Infrastructure
    IET Standards has published a report offering guidance on optimising approaches to EV infrastructure. The report includes practical case studies reviewing real-life local authority experiences from both the UK and EU. The report is intended to complement IET Standards' Code of Practice for EV Charging Equipment Installation. It is priced at £750.
    For more information contact call Liz Wooderson on
    +44 (0) 1438 765 533 or visit:

    www.ietstandards.com/EV11(code of practice)
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