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The LES Newsletter - 30th April 2012


Welcome to the 14th edition of the Low Emission Strategy (LES) newsletter!

Over the past six months, the Low Emission Strategies Partnership has focussed on the delivery of national level projects, at the same time as reviewing the structure of the organisation. In February, the LESP Board decided to investigate options for formalising the Partnership and to establish as a social enterprise. As we work through this process, we remain keen to hear from individuals or organisations with an interest in being involved in our work. Please contact us [email protected] to discuss the opportunities.

As always, we would like to thank everyone who has subscribed to the newsletter. We hope it gives planners, developers and environmental practitioners an understanding of how LES can inform practice and policy where you are.

Alison Parker - (LES Programme Manager)

Latest News

Low Emission Strategies Partnership:
A formal entity for the future

Low Emission StrategiesThe LES Partnership has been looking at how best to organise itself in light of work so far and opportunities in the future. After reviewing a full range of options, the Board has approved plans to move towards establishing a formal not-for-profit social enterprise, with the core aim of ‘reducing transport emissions through local action’.

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LAUNCH: Low Emission Toolkit (Version 1.1)

Low Emissions ToolkitA new version of the Low Emission Toolkit (LET1.1) was launched in January 2012. The LET enables users to assess the costs and benefits associated with the implementation of low emission transport measures.

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Low Emission Strategy Hub

The LES Partnership has recently secured funding from Defra to develop an online ‘Low Emission Hub’. The Hub will bring together case studies from across the country to showcase measures that can be implemented to reduce transport emissions. There will be a strong emphasis on quantification and assisting local authorities wishing to develop evidence-based policies, plans and measures. The aim is to establish a two way forum for information sharing, providing a first point of entry to LES approaches, signposting guidance, tools and other resources to support the growing LES community.

Latest News

York Releases 'Overarching' Low Emission Strategy Consultation Draft

Low Emission Strategy Consultation DraftOn 23rd April 2012 City of York Council took a major step towards becoming the first local authority in the country to adopt an ‘overarching’ Low Emission Strategy (LES).

A consultation draft of the LES was approved by the York Cabinet on 3rd April 2012 and is now available for public viewing and comment prior to formal adoption in September 2012.

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Low Emission Strategies Approach in Greater Manchester

Wigan Council and the LES Partnership are working together to assess the air quality and health benefits arising from emission reductions achieved through local transport measures in Wigan and the wider Greater Manchester city region.

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Mid Devon ECO Stars Taxis

Mid Devon ECO Stars TaxisFollowing the success of Mid Devon’s ECO Star vehicle fleet recognition scheme, Mid Devon has been working to reduce emissions from taxis. This includes the introduction of minimum emission standards for their licensed taxi operators. Mid Devon is also currently developing and looking to pilot an extension of the ECO Stars scheme for taxi’s and will share experience nationally with the burgeoning national ECO Stars group, the LESP and Defra.

For more information, please contact Simon Newcombe at [email protected].

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Latest News

Simon Newcombe

Mid Devon ECO Stars TaxisLow Emission Strategies Partnership Board and Environmental Enforcement and Fleet Manager, Mid Devon District Council

Simon has represented Mid Devon District Council on the LES Partnership Board since 2009. He is currently overseeing the LES national projects, including the development of the Low Emission Toolkit. In his role with Mid Devon District Council, Simon has led the implementation of low emission approaches, through planning policy and fleet management initiatives.

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