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Low Emission Strategies - Building on Good Practice

The LES Newsletter - 11th October 2011


Welcome to the 13th edition of the Low Emission Strategy (LES) Newsletter!

Between October 2011 and March 2012, the Board will be reviewing future options for managing the Partnership and funding the various workstreams. We would be very keen to hear from individuals or organisations with an interest in being involved in our work, from collaboration on specific projects to becoming a member of the Partnership Board. Please contact us ([email protected]) to discuss the opportunities.

As always, we would like to thank everyone who has subscribed to the newsletter. We hope it gives planners, developers and environmental practitioners an understanding of how LES can inform practice and policy where you are.

Katherine Stanger - (LES Programme Manager)

Latest News

New Guidance: Low Emission Vehicle Procurement

Low Emission Vehicle Procurement GuideThe Low Emission Strategies Partnership has produced new guidance to assist public sector organisations in meeting their environmental obligations with respect to Air Quality and Climate Change. It provides practical advice and examples of best practice in the use of procurement to reduce road transport emissions.

For professionals and politicians without a background in procurement, it gives an overview of the sector and highlights the opportunities to reduce transport emissions. For procurement officers, it outlines data, tools and techniques to select suitable technologies and devise low emission procurement strategies, appropriate to their organisations. | Read more ›

Developing the Low Emission Toolkit

Low Emission Impact Assessment Workshop - 13th July 2011The Partnership is continuing to test and develop its ‘Low Emission Toolkit’, which supports the design, implementation and monitoring of measures to reduce transport emissions.

We have now signed up over 60 registered users, of which 50 are local authorities. Feedback will inform the next phase of development. If you would like to be involved and find out more about how the tool works, download a user agreement from the Toolkit web page. | Read more ›

Emissions, Concentrations and a National Approach

LES and DefraWigan Council and the LES Partnership have been given initial approval for award funding from Defra to assess the air quality and health benefits arising from emission reductions achieved through local transport measures.
Read more ›

Greenwich to develop a national methane / biomethane vehicle infrastructure database

Greenwich CouncilDefra has given initial approval for award funding for Greenwich Council to develop a national methane/biomethane vehicle and infrastructure database, in partnership with the ADBA and FTA, with input from Coca Cola, Tenens, Waitrose and DfT. The database will highlight the availability of public and third party access to refuelling facilities across the UK, encouraging the development of public private partnerships and highlighting the potential NOX and PM10 reduction arising from gas vehicle use.

Securing Emission Reductions in Wigan

Wigan Local Development Framework - Development and Air Quality Supplementary Planning DocumentWigan Council has been continuing to apply the requirements of their adopted 'Development and Air Quality' Supplementary Planning Document'.

Recent approved developments (including offices, a quarry and supermarkets) have secured emission reductions through, BREEAM standards, cycle and pedestrian infrastructure and facilities, travel plans, bus services, construction emission reduction measures and agreements for contribution funding for Air Quality Action Plan measures. | Read more ›

Sefton Council: Intensive Road Cleaning to reduce particulates

Sefton Council‘Resuspension’ of particulate air pollution (PM10) occurs when dust which has settled on a road or pavements subsequently becomes airborne due wind or moving traffic on the carriageway. One Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) in Sefton, which has been declared for PM10, is adjacent to a number of industries that will generate particulate pollution both from the industries themselves and the vehicles transporting their products. | Read more ›

Linking Air Quality, Climate Change and Health in Greater Manchester

Great Air ManchesterThe EMIGMA (EMissions Inventory for Greater MAnchester) emissions inventory used to track and assess air quality emissions in the Greater Manchester area is proposed to be adopted as a metric for the Greater Manchester Climate Change Strategy under the leadership of the newly formed Combined Authority. | Read more ›

Latest Events
  • 10th November 2011
    The London Air Quality and Procurement Seminar

    will be held on the 10th November (10am to 12.30pm) at Walbrook Wharf, City of London. Aimed primarily at Air Quality Officers, this free event is being organised by City of London in partnership with the Greater London Authority. Contact Ruth Calderwood for more details.
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